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Aetheric Convergence (97x61 cm) acrylics on canvas, 2024

This painting is a complex tapestry of ancient symbols and mythological motifs, inviting contemplation on themes of power, protection, and the interplay between light and darkness. The lindworm atop the thunderbolt represents a convergence of ancient deities and symbols from Mesopotamian, Greek, and Hindu mythology. These symbols, evolving over time and across cultures, symbolize various aspects of divinity, warfare, and cosmic balance.

In a contemporary context, the painting prompts reflection on the enduring influence of ancient symbolism and its relevance to our lives today. It invites us to consider how ancient myths and symbols continue to shape our understanding of the world and our place within it. The lindworm-like creature in this painting draws inspiration from Nirah, a Mesopotamian god portrayed as a snake. Nirah acted as a messenger for Istaran who served as a divine judge. Nirah was commonly depicted atop boundary stones, known as kudurrus, which marked land boundaries or entitlement deeds. The juxtaposition of the lindworm with demon-like creatures and the trident beneath suggests a dynamic tension between order and chaos, creation and destruction, which resonates with contemporary struggles and challenges.

Aetheric Convergence I., imaginary landscape, soul, unconscious, original painting
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