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Humanoid Series     I     2018-2020

These paintings have two types of characters: the Humanoids and the razor-cut figures.


The razor-cut figures are a metaphor for the lost information caused by fragmentation, although this loss is only visual, similar to a lack of understanding. When recalling a dream, all the pieces are there but the conscious mind struggles to put them together, symbols help to rebuild the image. This is why bringing back symbolic images from the Renaissance or from the Antiquity can touch us on a deeper level. We know the image (or at least have a feeling about it supported by the collective unconscious), we are aware of the connotation, it gets included in the work, transferred but not copied, carrying only its deeper meaning to represent the inner struggle of the psyche and accidental appearances of the unconscious.


In creating the Humanoids, my intention was to portray the human figure and psyche as a whole, but the final image arises the question as to whether the Humanoid is an anthropomorphic object or a reduced, condensed human figure.

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