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Birdsong in Reverse

By mapping the world of symbols, C.G. Jung opened a path to the ancient knowledge of mankind residing in the human unconscious; giving us the opportunity to recover its lost archaic capabilities.

I have been working with and through the collective unconscious for several years. First, with the help of a Jungian analyst, I mapped my own, personal unconscious through the metaphoric and symbolic elements of my dreams. During this period, I mostly painted Figurative Dreamscapes. Then I started to concentrate on society and its negative effects on the individual’s personality, which led me to paint Humanoids, these faceless and shapeless figures, representing the core, the Self of a person. Later on, I delved into the historical visual representations of the unconscious, mostly in alchemical manuscripts and creation stories of humanity. During this journey I have learned that the symbolic language our unconscious communicates through is universal and stems from the experiences of our ancestors. I converted this into a visual language, generating a library of biomorphic hieroglyphs; which are mostly hybrid motifs created from symbols of ancient artefacts or manuscripts and of my own dreams.

Working with these elements provide me the basis for capturing the non-tangible and make it possible to create a visual world parallel to the unconscious. This latest phase is represented by my Dream Carpets and Imaginary Landscapes.

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