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Imaginary Landscapes    I    2022-2024

My artistic journey has been a deep exploration of the collective unconscious, a realm that connects the individual's psyche to the shared symbolism of our ancestors. Guided by the wisdom of the Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung and the imagery of dreams, with the help of a Jungian analyst, I embarked on a transformative odyssey, mapping the metaphorical elements of my own unconscious.

This initial journey into the depths of the psyche led me to delve further into the historical visual representations of the unconscious, primarily found in alchemical manuscripts and the creation stories of mankind. This expedition confirmed Jung’s theory: the symbolic language through which our unconscious communicates is universal, a language rooted in the experiences of our ancestors.

In response to this revelation, I created a unique visual language - a library of biomorphic hieroglyphs. These shapes are predominantly hybrids, born from the fusion of elements of my personal dreamscapes and ancient symbols from artifacts and archaic manuscripts. They represent a visual narrative that not only reflects the rich tapestry of human history, but also serves as a bridge between the inner world of the individual and the collective reservoir of human experience.

My work is a testament to the interplay between the conscious and unconscious, the personal and the universal. It is an artistic endeavour that seeks to unravel the mysteries of our shared heritage, giving voice to the silent echoes of our ancestors and fostering the profound connection between past, present, and future. Through these biomorphic hieroglyphs, I invite viewers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery and exploration of the timeless secrets of the human psyche.

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