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Dream Carpets     I     2020-2022

The woven cloak or carpet with its designs is often used as a symbol for the complex symbolic patterns of life and the secret designs of fate. Dreams and the unconscious tell more about our life pattern, helping to fulfil our destiny rather than resisting it…    (M.L. von Franz - The Interpretation of Fairy Tales)


The dream-carpets are created by an unintentional drawing method allowing the presence of constructive and figurative elements. This intermediate realm, as Paul Klee explained, is somewhere between the active and passive; it is created by getting rid of vanishing points and dissolving the boundary between interior and exterior, top and bottom; making it possible to develop imaginary landscapes or fantastic figures. The layering is continued to an extent where the original figures and their connections are lost. Through the use of colour with a function to divide or unite, a new landscape is created, overwriting the original content, changing its meaning but still carrying it within the structure. This creates an analogy to dreams, where the image generated by the unconscious consists of known imagery, but having a new, different meaning.

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