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Cerberus (100x120 cm) oil on canvas, 2024

This painting offers an interpretation of the mythical moment when Herakles, represented by his iconographic attribute: the lion skin, captures Cerberus. This mythical dog served as the guardian of the Underworld's gates, the fierce multi-headed hound of Hades, God of the Underworld. Capturing the creature's terrifying and otherworldly nature, Cerberus is portrayed with a body intertwined with vile snakes. The star at the centre of the composition serves as a symbol of the perpetual darkness that shrouds the realm of the dead. The use of muted colours enhances the sense of foreboding and mystery that surrounds the mythological narrative. The abstract representation of hell expands the imaginative landscape of Greek mythology, allowing for interpretations that transcend literal depictions and delve into the symbolic and psychological depths of the underworld. This approach invites viewers to engage with the mythological narrative on a symbolic level, exploring themes such as death, the afterlife, and the human psyche. The surreal and fantastical elements of the underworld can be interpreted as manifestations of primal fears, existential questions, and the mysteries of the human condition.

Cerberus, mythologycal dreamscape
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