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Constellations Series (40x30 cm) acrylics and watercolour on paper, 2023-24

These artworks weave together diverse cultural and historical elements to create a symbolic narrative exploring themes like the balance between instinct and power and the enduring nature of certain symbols across civilizations. The layers of meaning reflect on the universal aspects of human spirituality and the rich tapestry of cultural symbolism.

Building upon Joan Miró's "Constellation" series these multimedia paintings bring together the softness, transparency and flow of watercolour, and the opacity and density of acrylics. The central motifs merge ancient symbols with elements from my personal dreamscapes, bringing humanity’s past into the present and encouraging to think about the purpose of existence. The fluid, uncontrolled visual elements refer to the natural flow of life, while the strict archaic forms represent the rules and the human way of thinking.

Some of the main motifs:

  • The eye: Often associated with the Eye of Providence or God's all-seeing eye, has roots in ancient cultures and can be found in various sacred buildings worldwide. Its placement in a triangle further emphasizes its significance and may symbolize balance, completeness, or the divine trinity. Referencing ancient artifacts like the Eye of Horus in Egypt, the Eye of Shamash in Mesopotamia, and the association with Hinduism and Christianity, underscores the universal and enduring nature of the all-seeing eye symbol. It connects the artwork to a broader tapestry of human spirituality, transcending geographical and temporal boundaries. serve as a conduit for the human experience. Capable of both receiving and emitting light, the eye has a dual role as an instrument for perceiving the world and reflecting the inner self.

  • The lioness: Reminiscent of ancient Egyptian funerary couches and associated with goddess symbolism. In ancient Egypt, lions were often associated with protection and divine power. The similarity to funerary couches suggests a connection to the afterlife and the journey of the deceased king, highlighting themes of transition and protection.

  • The pyramid: With its historical significance in various cultures, can symbolize strength, stability, and elevation.

  • Animal symbolism: Suggests a connection to primal instincts and strength. Combining this with secular power implies a synthesis of raw, natural forces with human authority. It can represent a balance between the primal and the civilized, suggesting a source of strength and protection.

  • Number 6: The magical number six suggests a sense of balance, harmony, and completeness in the composition.

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