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Secret Layer Series (40x30 cm) acrylics and indian ink on paper, 2021

A series of four works, where acrylic colour blocks are positioned over a meditative, semi-automatic ink drawing. Building on transcendental sources, these artworks inhabit the border between wakefulness and sleep, conscious and unconscious. The shapes used are simplified versions of my own biomorphic hieroglyphs, derived from ancient creation stories, fairy tales, and alchemical manuscripts.

These pieces further explore the intersection of time and timelessness, blending personal mythologies with universal archetypes. The interplay of the bold, opaque acrylic blocks with the delicate, fluid ink lines represents the coexistence of structure and spontaneity, order and chaos. Each artwork invites viewers to delve into their subconscious, encouraging introspection and the discovery of hidden connections between the self and the broader human experience. The motifs within these works serve as a bridge between the ancient and the contemporary, reflecting a continuum of human creativity and spirituality.

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